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Digital signage field of those coming in the future of science and technology

May 04, 2017

Outdoor digital signage industry in the next decade will face a big fluctuation. These will appear in the form of changes in the attitude of the consumer to the advertising media. More specifically, how people will choose to contact with retailers and brands. These will be innovated by innovative companies such as Amazon, SnapChat, and Rent? The? Runway.

The way people buy things has changed dramatically. Purchase activities can occur through many channels. Today's business development has become more and more personalized, and this also thanks to the continuous progress of technology.

People can and will have a higher expectation of their interaction and participation in digital outdoor experience. They will need the same convenience as their smart home appliances or mobile business applications. They want to be driven by emotions, in a more emotional way to seek return and more personalized experience.

Outdoor digital signage industry must strengthen its interest in order to enhance relevance.