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Digital Signage Signage System

May 04, 2017

With the popularity of digital signage and plasma, LCD and other flat panel display device popularity, the development of network streaming media technology, the system architecture has undergone several generations of change, initially by the display and DVD player or PC, after the network The introduction of technical technology, dedicated network media player to replace the traditional pure DVD or PC player form, the function becomes richer, the application has become more diverse. Therefore, it was associated with paper media, radio, television and the Internet, called "fifth media", with a specific time, a specific location, for a specific group of information dissemination role.

Multimedia information distribution system combines the diversity and vividness of multimedia video information, to achieve the information dissemination of remote centralized management and content updated at any time, so that the audience in the first time to receive the freshest of all kinds of information. Digital media information distribution system will become an important carrier of information technology. Not only to provide timely, comprehensive, high quality and efficient information services and a new cultural atmosphere, but also can greatly enhance the overall image of the environment, but also the inevitable trend of modern architecture.

It is unique distributed regional management technology, the real realization of the same system in different terminals to distinguish the audience of the transmission mode. Through this system, users can easily build a centralized, network, professional, intelligent, focused multimedia information publishing system, the system provides powerful information editing, transmission, publishing and management and other professional services.