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LED display industry in the global market, how to upgrade?

May 04, 2017

Beijing current time on May 04 news, the current Chinese economy is entering a new normal, it will be the best of times, but also the most glorious era. This is an era of supply-side reform in full swing, which is an industry resource from fragmented to the era of convergence, which will also be a golden age of China's manufacturing transformation ... ... China's manufacturing industry in the international status can not be shaken as China made the emerging LED display industry, since the LED display in China since the outbreak, has experienced more than ten years after the development has become increasingly stable. As a manufacturing LED display business, bear the brunt of leading the majority of the working people adhere to industry standards, to maintain the steady development of the industry.

At present, the division of labor in the global manufacturing industry is changing, showing a new trend. China is in a critical period of transformation and development, supporting the development of domestic and foreign environment has also undergone great changes, the manufacturing sector is facing a former interception, after the pursuit of the competitive situation. And LED display business in the manufacturing industry how to break through? Is a worthy of all the LED display business to consider the problem. It is clear that innovation is the LED display business, and even the development of the entire manufacturing industry and the main engine. Only by grasping the trend of global manufacturing industry, with scientific and technological innovation and institutional innovation to cope with various unpredictable challenges in the future, improve product quality and production efficiency, improve the management system, in order to resolve deep-level contradictions and problems for the construction of power Provide strong support.