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Prospect: look at the development trend of digital signage in 2018

May 04, 2017

A Review of Panel Market

Display technology and digital connectivity applications have made great progress in the near future, which indicates that the commercial display panel (PID) will have a bright future. Here, we will share the views of the commercial display industry in the next year. Our forecasts are based on historical sales data and our unique insights into planned production and R & D activities.

The following is the 2018 to pay attention to the five major signs of digital development trend:

Almost no border splicing display

Reflective screen will usher in a new dawn

• UHD becomes the new standard - to improve the resolution standard

• A wider gamut - transition from the sRGB standard to the BT2020

• Changes in size and product form, driven by demand and innovation

For more valuable ideas, please continue to refer to Samsung for how the future of the PID industry for each of our product lines.