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Things to keep in mind when cleaning:

May 04, 2017

First of all, do not use glasses cloth and other soft cloth or paper towels to wipe the LCD screen. So easy to scratch the LCD screen. For dust, we can first blow it out by blowing, and the remaining dust particles can be wiped gently on the LCD panel using a dedicated LCD wiping cloth. For fingerprints and oil so that there is a dedicated LCD wipes.

Second, you can not use water, alcohol or some chemical solvents to clean the LCD screen. Because the use of water, liquid easily penetrate the LCD screen or digital camera interior, which is very easy to cause equipment circuit short circuit.

Alcohol is a commonly used organic solvent that dissolves some dirt that is not easy to wipe, and if occasionally used to clean the digital camera's case, it may have no adverse effect. But do not use alcohol to clean the LCD screen, once the use of alcohol wipe the display, it will dissolve this layer of special coating.

If the screen is accidentally stained with fruit juice or coffee and other difficult to remove the stains, do not use alcohol to rub, because it is easy to wipe the stains at the same time also make the LCD screen scrapped. Experts suggest that you can use liquid crystal dedicated wiping cloth spray plus amount of no ion water, and then gently wipe, you can not only stains without traces of the LCD screen.