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Three pillars, digital signage application of the new pattern

May 04, 2017

With the advent of the wisdom of the times, experience and perception has gradually become the basic requirements for daily necessities. In addition to the real world, the screen world has become the second paradise of people, there are intelligent places, there will be displayed. In view of this, it was said: the world is screen; some people say that we are in the big video era, "as" everywhere. From the diet of the wisdom of digital signage board, to the retail digital signage display screen, to the traffic guide screen, and then to the public field of outdoor advertising screen.

According to the different display materials and methods, digital signage display is also divided into three camps: to laser projection and DLP as the representative of the projection display; small spacing and OLED as the representative of the LED display; and traditional digital signage display - LCD display. Three pillars, set the digital signs show a new pattern.

In a variety of new materials competing situation, now talk about LCD, perhaps some of the taste of yesterday's yellow, however, in the field of digital signage LCD display, but still not out of date. Display, LCD relative to the LED, especially compared to the small pitch LED, in contrast, color gamut, brightness, there are some deficiencies, resulting in 2017, LED display in the room, such as advertising, electronic food and other fields by virtue of Excellent display to capture the LCD part of the market share. However, due to market prices and other reasons, small-pitch LED market is also limited to a small number of high-end display areas. Although the market potential is huge, but the potential outbreak also need some time. On the other hand, in the field of interaction, the basic touch-interactive technology of liquid crystal display is also difficult to short-term beyond the LED display, which also gives the LCD display full technical buffer time to achieve a breakthrough.