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Use of digital signage

May 04, 2017

1, the content of the most important: no matter how advanced technology, if the content is bad, digital signs will not be successful. Content should be clear and concise. Of course, if the customer in McDonald's and other Big Mac, see the charmin paper towel ads, which is very failed.

2, the content should be vivid: efforts to allow the viewer to remember the relevant content, and will not forget to forget.

3, position: If the location of the screen is not noticeable (for example, hanging in the 12-foot high place), then people will not see it.

4, information updates: the key to the success of small-scale broadcast network is, at the right time to the right people to launch the appropriate information. If you only replace DVD discs every month, then you are running away. Likewise, if the price of the item item can not be updated simply over the network within 15 minutes, it means that the digital signage platform is problematic.

5, closed-loop system is very important: If you can not prove that the operation of advertising, then you will not get from your digital signage gains. So it is necessary to pay attention to advertising playback, but also concerned about the effect of advertising to form a benign closed loop system.

6, do not rely on manual update: people always make mistakes. So the network should be used to remotely update the system. Do not just loop DVDs. To use the network to constantly update the content.

7, oriented employees are still strong sales tools: Although most people always pay attention to the display, but with subconscious willingness to communicate the staff will promote the brand and the company has a great impact on the image. We have to realize this because the time of the billboard is limited, after all.

8, just the right of the sale: the article began when we mentioned the business ads were shielded by the user. They are looking for new places to advertise. And your store also has these business brand products. So they can form a new relationship with them, in your network to do its special product promotion. This effect will be better, and the cost is lower than the traditional advertising.

9, do not back with the PC industry: the use of industry standard equipment. Few MPEG players will not match the PC.