Customize LCD Splicing Video Wall Hdmi Signal Input Matrix

Product Details

customize LCD splicing video wall HDMI signal input matrix 

Product Introduction

•Matrix switcher is a professional switching device embedded intelligent control of a high performance, for the audio and video input signal synchronous switch to any output channels of audio and video;

•The unique processing method is adopted, which greatly improves the switching speed of the device. Support a variety of control methods,flexible operation switch, is widely used in radio and television engineering, multimedia conference hall, large screen display works,TV teaching, command and control center;

•Interface bandwidth 2.25Gbps (total bandwidth 6.75Gbps),support the highest resolution


•Support HDCP1.3 revision, provides outstanding security and digital content protection capabilities;

•Support fast switching operation; support infrared remote control;

•The input and output board support card function, can be hot swappable;

•Supports basic matrix control instructions and basic matrix functions;

•With power down memory function, with power off site protection function;

•Flexible control mode, with the crystal button panel operation, but also provides 2 standard RS-232 communication interface and RJ45 port,compatible with a variety of environments, user-friendly and a variety of remote control equipment with the use of;

•Built in International standard power;

•Full metal chassis compatible with standard 19 inch cabinet。

•Support user defined matrix front panel LCD screen standby and control software LOGO。

•Support HDCP can decode Blu ray DVD and so on the corresponding Equipment.