LCD Splicing Video Wall Unit Controller Large Size LCD Panel Driver With Software

Product Details

LCD splicing video wall unit controller large size lcd panel driver with software

* Full hardware architecture, no CPU and operating system.

* Multi-bus parallel processing, powerful processing.

* Start time is less than 10 seconds, start quickly.

* No virus infection risk, good security.

* Integrated multi-channel video source types: HDMI, DVI, VGA, CVBS composite video, USB hard disk playback.

* Composite video can ring out.

* Built-in 3D video bright color separation circuit unit.

* Embedded 3D progressive processing and frame rate normal conversion circuit unit.

* Embedded 3D digital signal noise reduction unit.

* The unit can support driving to the 1920X1080 LCD screen.

* RS232 serial port remote control; each unit supports two RS232 ring out.

* No need to set the ID code, debugging is simple.

* 24 hours a day to work continuously.

* Supports digital clock function (optional).

* Support the timer switch machine, and can choose several switch machine mode (optional).

* Accurate encryption by date, expiration auto lock (optional).

* VGA and HDMI, no signal automatically shut down, detect the signal automatically boot function (optional).

* Includes USB interface, through the U disk for a key upgrade, convenient and quick.

* Green, standby power consumption can be less than 1w.

* Support remote control operation all the splicing function (optional).

* Intelligent temperature control, the detection of body temperature automatically open the fan.

* Support signal 180 degree rotation.

* HDMI support signal 4K x 2K signal input (optional).