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American Patent List Of 2017: BOE LCD Panel Became One Of The Top 25, COST Was Ranked The Forty-fifth.

Jan 18, 2018

Recently, IFL CLAIMS Patent Services (a American commercial patent data service) published the patent statistic report of 2017. In the report, China got 11241 American patents in this year, increased about 30% then the last year. It was the first time that China becoming one of the top five countries in the number of American patent, ranked the fifth after America, Japan, North Korea and German.

Chinese company Hua Wei was ranked the 20th in American Patent List. BOE, a Chinese panel maker rode into the top 25 in the world, ranked the 21st. And COST was ranked the 45th.

According to the report, in 2017 Hua Wei got 1474 patents in America, although with an only 5% increasing annual rate, but ascended rapidly from the 25th in 2016 to the 20th this year. BOE got 1413 patents in America, increased 63% than the last year, ascended from the 40th to the 21st. This company is ahead of Seiko Epson Corporation in Japan, only slightly behind General Electric at 200 patents.

On the other hand, in semiconductor patent, BOE has surpassed Intel(which is ranked the 9th in semiconductor patent), ranked the 7th. Another Chinese panel factory COST got 708 American patents, with a positive 44% annual rate, ranked the 45th in the American Patent List of 2017.

What the significance of the jump of the number of the patents got by Chinese companies in America? According to an insider, the number of patents is an important index to measure the development of a company, reflecting the innovation ability. Patents could protect the benefit of a company in the fierce market competition. With the American patents, these Chinese companies could sell their production in the biggest market in the world unobstructedly, building the business which could help them to compete on the international stage.

Presently, panel industry is a well-attended industry in China. In the recent year, Chinese government paid more and more effort to the display panel industry consisdently, introducing plenty of encouragement policies. The increasing of the number of American patent got by Chinese companies and the ranking of the panel makers BOE and COST represents the rising of Chinese panel industry.

Lee Xingguo, the vice-president of BOE and the principal of BOEs intellectual property and technology management center, voiced: in the field of scientific and technological innovation, America has a huge global influence. Against the background of the globalization, Chinese companies had made a huge progress in high-technology innovation and international competition.

According to the information, BOE is investing in researching the next generation OLED-screen technology, expecting to provide their high-definition screen.

Once upon a time, the lack of chips and screens was an insurmountable obstacle for the LCD TV and the mobile phone makers. As a technology-intensive industry, semiconductor display technology was in the monopoly by Japan and North Korea and so on.

Technology research, development and innovation is the core motive in the development of BOE. It is known that BOEs investment in technology research is keep occupied 6%~8% of the sales volume. In spite of the loss from 2008 to 2011, BOE will still squeeze out more than a dozen million to support the technology research and innovation.

BOEs insistence in research benefited from the chairman and the founder Wang Dongshengs belief  There is only weak production but no weak market. If one did well in technology maybe it wont win but if one did badly in technology it will lose definitely. Innovation and technological strength equals to chances regardless of the market. With the huge innovation and technological strength, BOE had become the top runner of the global display industry.

To further strengthen its advantage in global competition, BOE has its patent portfolio in a dozen of countries and regions include America, Europe, Japan, North Korea. In a general survey of BOEs patent portfolio in display panel industry, from the insider, if BOE could continue to innovate by the help of its accumulation in patents, it would lead Chinese panel makers to create a new situation in the field of semiconductor display.