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AUO Panel Shipments To Remain Robust In 4Q18, Says Chairman

Sep 28, 2018

AU Optronics' (AUO) flat panel shipments remain robust, with the sales momentum for large-size high-end TV applications to continue into the first half of November, and that for IT panels to last through December, according to company chairman Paul Peng.

Market demand for high-end IT panels, mainly those for notebook and monitor applications, has been strong since the beginning of 2018, Peng said, adding that shipments of the company's gaming monitor applications will enjoy a rather high growth in the year.

While unit shipments of notebook panels have not been growing much, Peng noted that notebook panels contribute greatly to AUO's revenue and profit growths as the company has been focusing on high-end models.

Meanwhile, AUO has begun shipping market-niche passive matrix (PM) mini LED-backlit panels, with initial shipment targeting the gaming monitor sector, Peng noted.

AUO is also ready for production of active matrix (AM) mini LED panels as far as technology and production capacity are concerned, Peng stated, adding that the company can ship customized AM mini LED panels.

In response to the escalating US-China trade war, AUO will make flexible adjustments of its production lines in case clients are forced to relocate their orders, Peng said.

And in line with the company's policy to move toward value transformation, AUO plans to enroll over 1,000 new employees annually in 2018 and 2019 for its plans to venture into smart manufacturing, smart retailing, AI and healthcare sectors, Peng revealed.