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AUO To Showcase LTPS LCD Lineup At Display Week

May 22, 2018

AU Optronics (AUO) has announced that it will unveil leading-edge mobile device displays and LTPS technologies will be unveiled at SID's Display Week 2018 in Los Angeles from May 22 to 24.

To meet the growing demand for new types of interconnected smart devices, AUO will showcase LTPS technology by presenting ultra high resolution (UHD), narrow border, slim and power-saving displays for all types of mobile devices.

For notebook PC application, exhibition highlights include a 13.3-inch UHD 4K narrow border LTPS LCD supporting use of stylus, and a 13.3-inch Full HD LTPS LCD with timing controller (T-con) embedded driver IC. High resolution, free-form and in-cell touch LTPS LCD for car displays from 3-inch to 12.3-inch, and free-form car display with symmetrical holes in the display active area will also be showcased.

In addition, a new suite of mini LED backlit LCD panels with high brightness and high dynamic range for gaming monitor, gaming notebook PC and VR headset applications will be exhibited, said AUO.

AUO will also demonstrate curved displays for smart home device applications, wire grid polarizer mirror display applying nanoimprinting technology, and AMOLED display with what it calls the world's highest transparency.

Ultrathin, nrrow border and low-pwer LTPS LCD for notebooks

AUO's 13.3-inch metal mesh LTPS LCD applies one glass solution (OGS) and is a UHD 4K narrow border LTPS LCD supporting the use of stylus. Another 13.3-inch Full HD T-con embedded driver LTPS LCD adopts a special MUX (multiplexer) design and effectively reduces its PCBA to an extremely small size, said AUO. The LTPS LCDs are in line with the trend for professional and hybrid notebook PCs that are thinner and lighter with significantly improved battery life, excellent for travel with limited power outlets.

For gaming notebook PC, AUO's 17.3-inch Full HD narrow border LCD features module thickness of only 3.5mm, high 144Hz refresh rate and 7ms response time to convey outstanding image quality and motion performance.

Free-form high-performance car displays

In the past years, AUO has devoted effort in the development of high potency car displays to match modern smart cars. For CID applications, AUO will show a 13.2-inch free-form display featuring high resolution of 1200x1600, NTSC 85% color saturation and 1000-nit brightness, with the gate circuit moved to the display active area to release extra space on the sides for free-form designs. Meanwhile, symmetrical holes are drilled in the active area to allow for more design flexibility, such as having buttons and control dials installed.

The 12.3-inch Full HD LTPS LCD has high brightness of 1000nits and adopts in-cell touch solution integrating touch and display driver ICs to create a thinner panel for more design freedom at the center console. The 3-inch LTPS LCD for HUD has high transmittance, 1200:1 contrast ratio, and pixel density of 297 PPI. The clearing point of liquid crystals is as high as 110°C (TNI), capable of maintaining stable and excellent performance under the heat of sunlight.

High resolution curved Displays with new aspect ratio

In terms of future smart home applications, AUO has developed 6-inch convex curved LTPS LCD made with glass substrate in 100R curvature. The panel has full HD+ (2160 x1080) resolution with 18:9 wide aspect ratio and flexible backlight design, for smart speaker or other IoT devices.

Advanced display technologies for diverse applications

AUO's 3-inch wire grid polarizer mirror display applies nanoimprinting technology to achieve high reflective rate of over 45%. Equipped with AHVA (advanced hyper-viewing angle) technology, high contrast ratio, and consuming 50% less power than its conventional counterparts, the display possesses high reliability and performance.

The 13-inch transparent AMOLED will also make its appearance for the first time. With transparency of up to 68%, the display features 1150x575 high resolution and 100% high color saturation. Showing single-sided image with low reflectance, the display is suitable for future security check and diagnostic devices, and augmented reality (AR) applications, AUO said.