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China Panel Makers Embrace IGZO Technology, Says Digitimes Research

Sep 05, 2018

Most of the recent 8.5G-10.5G TFT LCD production lines planned by China-based flat panel makers come with or retain the ability to produce indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) TFT LCD panels that still have many advantages, according to Digitimes Research.

As compared to a-Si TFT LCD Technology, the IGZO technology, with the use of additional 1-2 times of masking process, could roll out panels with high resolutions and be further upgraded for production of AMOLED panels, Digitimes Reseach notes.

While CEC-Panda LCD Technology spearheads the production of IGZO panels in China, BOE Technology has managed to enter Apple's notebook supply chain recently and could catch up with CEC-Panda in shipment volume in the foreseeable future.

BOE and CEC-Panda currently both utilize their 8.5G lines to roll out IGZO panels in various sizes for TV, monitor, notebook and handset applications. As 8.5G lines can produce handset panels at high efficiency and also slice PC and TV panels more economically as compared to 6G LTPS lines, China-based flat panel makers are likely to continue promoting the use of IGZO technology.