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Features Of Outdoor LCD Digital Signage Kiosk Advertising

Jun 26, 2017

Today, the outdoor LCD advertising machine is well used for the business to pass the information passed to the user, is the most popular information carrier, but also solve some of the drawbacks of traditional media, then, What are the characteristics of outdoor LCD advertising machine?

1, outdoor LCD advertising machine and newspapers, radio and other media, video advertising cost of thousands of people (CMP) is relatively low, but the newspaper, radio and other media cost of thousands of people one-tenth, the relative savings in advertising spending.

2, high advertising arrival rate can quickly and effectively launch advertising campaign, due to the special spread of LCD advertising, a wide range of transmission channels, to tens of thousands of people to pass advertising information.

3, compared with the outdoor advertising machine has a stronger readability, visibility and dissemination of information integrity and other advantages of the characteristics.

4, compared with the cable television media, advertising capacity, content refurbished fast, good information continuity. Large population flow, media audience rate is high, passengers pay attention to high.

5, TV ads more stereoscopic, more vivid colors, more continuous action characteristics, compared to print ads more advantages, especially for brand image publicity.