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INNOLUX Got The Order From The World’s Top Three Car Factories.

Jan 15, 2018

Good news came from INNOLUX by keeping the strategy of Differentiated Market Route. The Mini LED automotive panel of the corporation got the order from the after market of the worlds top three car factories. In addition, INNOLUX co-operated with Intel developing the super energy-saving NB panel which needs only 1 watt to work.

INNOLUX didn’t apply itself to compete with the competitors in the same industry but actively work in the differentiated direction, exploding the issue in the industry. It pushed its advantage to exhibit their 10.1 inch AM Mini LED in CES this year, announcing itself succeed in squashing in the supply chain of the worlds top three car factories, and proved the co-operation with more than one car factory in developing the panel in the new car models.

DingJingLong voiced that INNOLUXs Mini LED technology use the active matrix circuit composed of TFT (shorted as AM) as the drive, which can entirely develop the performance superiority of the INNOLUXs Mini LED and has a reasonable cost. Besides, the LED is way ahead the competitors by its 6720 sectors displayable dimming technology which highly surpasses the 100 sectors, 1000 sectors made by the competitors, realizing energy-saving and high definition at the same time.

Source: Economic Daily