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Innolux Offers Smart Retail Solutions

Aug 16, 2018

Innolux is teaming up with a convenience store chain to build smart stores in Taiwan, utilizing its in-house-developed comprehensive smart display solutions.

Integrating related hardware and software products and solutions from Microsoft, Dell, EIH Holdings (EIH) and Novatek Microelectronics, Innolux has helped FamilyMart set up a smart store in southern Taiwan.

Using more than 100 display devices, mostly in the form of bar shelf displays and digital signage boards ranging from 23- to 58-inch sizes, the smart retail solutions will give consumers easier access to producti information displayed on the shelves and do self-checkouts.

With the support of IoT networks, cameras and sensors, the smart display solutions are also capable of facial recognition, equipment examination, data collection and big data analysis.

In the advent of the virtual-reality economy built based on the integration of hardware and software technology, Innolux is expanding its business model to also include B2C (business to consumer) from the previous focus on B2B (business to business), according to Innolux chairman Jim Hung.

Using connected IoT devices, the smart stores can inspect installed machines automatically and also support follow-up maintenance and therefore save a lot of manpower for each store, said Hsueh Tung-tu, president of FamilyMart.

Innolux plans to help FamilyMart build 20 more smart stores in Taiwan later in 2018, Hong revealed.

Innolux is also in talks with 2-3 channel operators as well as e-commerce operators in China to promote its newly developed 23.1-inch bar shelf display devices, according to company vice president James Yang.

Innolux has also set up a new retail business unit to promote its smart store display solutions and will also expand the members of this team from 10 to 30 by the end of 2018, Yang added.