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Japanese Panel Company Japan Display Inc And NHK Media Technology Companies In Japan For The First Time Opened A 8K 3D Naked Eye Display.

Jul 18, 2017

Japan Display Inc (JDI) provides 8K 7,680 × 4,320 resolution high-precision panel technology, NHK provides naked eye 3D technology, and the two technologies are combined. Bring a different image of the visual feel, bring things like a three-dimensional texture of the experience.

3D glasses used to wear 3D glasses through the way the glasses parallax to achieve the three-dimensional picture, the two show the naked eye 3D technology to use the light field technology to achieve the three-dimensional image. The principle is through two transparent LCD screen stack, resulting in light field effect. Picture through the stack of LCD screen, the eyes will be able to get the feeling of depth of field.

The technology also solves the problem of small 3D perspective, the two technical staff said that the display of the screen range of view reached 130 degrees, regardless of any angle can achieve 3D stereo picture. Even in many occasions can enjoy the naked eye 3D fun.