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LCD Display And LED Display Of The Points

May 04, 2017

LCD display and LED display of the points

In the bright LCD display industry, consumers often encounter business that LCD screen changes highlight, LED screen to highlight the bright, which is easily perceived by consumers is the market on the LED dot matrix display, the former we Said LED / LCD system for the LCD screen, while the latter LED dot matrix display is a light-emitting diodes, the former by the LCD glass and backlight display device, which is directly displayed by the light-emitting diodes, need to pay attention to the bright liquid crystal Screen screen industry, said LCD screen / LED screen is actually based on the name of the backlight derived from the LCD screen (CCFL backlight), LED screen (WLED backlight) LCD screen change is actually bright CCFL backlight LCD The display changed to WLED backlight, LED screen is to highlight the original WLED backlight LCD screen brightening, of course, highlight the backlight is not just replace the backlight, more in-depth technical problems need to consult the corresponding highlight LCD production Manufacturers - fast leopard gather together technology!