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LCD Panel Brand BOE’s Number Of American Patent In 2017 Ascended To Global Top 21.

Jan 18, 2018

Recently, IFI Claims, an American patent service published the statistical report of 2017s American patent licensing. BOEs globle rank ascended from the 40th to the 21st. BOEs number of  American patents reached to 1413, increased 63% than the last year. The growing rate was kept at the first in the top 50.

BOEs growing rate of the number of American patents became the first in IFI Claims TOP50 in each of the past two years derived from the respect to technology and the insistence to innovation. BOE always invested 7% of the annual revenue to the research. In 2017, BOEs number of new patent application was 8675, in which patent for invention occupied more than 85%. The cumulative number of useable patent was more than 60 thousands. BOEs number of new patent application overseas was more than 3 thousands, covering plenty of countries and region like America, Europe, Japan, North Korea and so on. The 2017 Thomson Reuters innovation report showed that BOE had become a world-class innovative leading company.

American huge global influence by the technology innovation strength is conspicuous.”Said by Lee Xingguo, BOEs vice president and the leader of the technology and intellectual property management center.We just refer to those global leading companies, consistently intensifying our own innovation ability, improving our international competitive power. As we can see, in the recent year, Chinese companies have had a remarkable improvement in the innovation ability and the international competitive power in the high-technology field, and start becomming the top runner in some fields.

Pengbo News Agency posted a comment that patent is an important reflection of the countrys innovation ability, Chinese companies consistently apply for their own brands and the patented techniques. In no more than 10 years, the number of Chinese patent has increased 10 times with an amazing increasing rate. Chinese is converting itself from a global manufacturing power to the global centre of innovative research.