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Outdoor Advertising Machine Safety Precautions

May 04, 2017

1, please read carefully before installing the outdoor advertising machine product manual, to confirm the local voltage and specifications are consistent.

2, Xuelang outdoor advertising machine monitor is tested, in line with IP65 standard level, can be placed in the outdoors, or even the rain, but can not soak in the liquid for protection.

3, outdoor advertising machine for a long time exposure in the sun, the LCD display and the shell surface may be very hot, do not touch.

4, do not close the fire source to install the display, and must not be used in the fire source of this display

5, in order to prevent the monitor damage, the use of liquid crystal display must be in accordance with the instructions on the installation of the way firmly installed on the ground or fixed bracket.

6, outdoor advertising machine surface can not be covered by other objects, so as not to affect the cooling effect.

7, before cleaning and maintenance of internal devices, disconnect the monitor power.

8, do not directly to the liquid detergent or spray cleaner coated on the monitor shell and glass, should be used to clean the damp cloth.

9, the display of internal devices and lines without professional engineer guidance can not be arbitrarily changed or removed, resulting in damage to the display parts manufacturers do not assume any responsibility.

10, the monitor at work, forbidden to touch the internal electrical parts, the resulting personal injury, manufacturers do not assume any responsibility.