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Outdoor LCD Advertising Machine To Customers What Benefits?

May 04, 2017

1, the information capacity:

Outdoor LCD advertising machine can be self-made programs, instant play, rich in content. While playing content is not limited to advertising, but also can have programs. Including special topics, columns, variety, animation, radio drama, TV series, program gap advertising.

2, low cost:

The most value for money of the mass media, its prices are different, operating costs and newspapers, magazines, radio stations, etc. is the lowest, while the outdoor LCD advertising machine only one-time investment, the cost is relatively low.

3, visual impact strong:

In the public places put outdoor LCD advertising machine, in the transmission of information, to expand the impact of an unparalleled advantage, direct, simple, enough to attract major advertisers.

4, release a long time:

24 hours a day without interruption, is the persistence, all-weather media, outdoor LCD advertising machine this feature makes it easier for the audience to see, with the customer's needs and everlasting. Because of the uniqueness of physical space, this advantage is played more thoroughly.