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Sharp Begins Volume Production Of OLED Panels, Says Report

Aug 03, 2018

Sharp's own-brand Aquos high-end smartphone models equipped with its own OLED panels are expected to hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to media reports from Japan, citing company executive vice president Katsuaki Nomura.

Sharp confirmed July 31 that mass production of OLED panels already began in June, as it revealed its performance for the latest quarter ended June 2018, according to reports.

Sharp previously said that it would begin mass production of OLED panels in the summer 2018 using facilities avaialble at SaKai Display Products (SDP).

Samsung Display currently accounts for 90.1% of the global small- to medium-sized OLED panel market and LG Display makes up a small portion of 7.7%, according to IHS Markit.