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What Kind Of Advertising Machine Is More Acceptable To Customers?

May 04, 2017

1, the installation is simple

This is mainly reflected in the purchase of products, whether it is vertical advertising machine or hanging on the wall of the LCD advertising machine, or in the elevator building advertising machine, the installation process should not be too complicated, and the relevant installation instructions should be Complete, for the installation process to provide a series of guiding ideas, easy to install should also be reflected in the accessories with a reasonable match, while the need for special attention should be done in advance, of course, if you are Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Jinan customers, Then the use of Xinhai as advertising machine is not a problem, we provide professional on-site installation services for your rapid use to solve all problems.

2, easy to use

Installed advertising machine in the advertising and switching between the use should be convenient, that is for the remote control can be resolved should not be manually moved to the machine touch, while the relevant instructions should be detailed, for the need to adjust the parameters to do Good help to explain, it is best to have self-debugging and testing functions, the fastest way to adapt to the mode of advertising.

3, update fast

In the advertising content update should be achieved without interruption of playback, that is, in the update process of the current advertising content should not be stopped, and related operations should be convenient and fast.

 4, aftermarket perfect

Perfect after-sales service not only can solve the customer's worries, but also the embodiment of the strength of the advertising machine manufacturers.